DugNAliss is (are?) a studio-based Pop Band from the Midwest
specializing in …
… just about everything.

Dug, “It’s not exactly a secret that we’re not the youngest indie group
around. Let’s just say that we’re too old for American Idol. (Thank God).”

“When we were growing up, there wasn’t the sort of separation of styles
on the radio and in the charts that exists today. Everything was just sort of
thrown together, and we really loved it that way. We want to give people
that sort of well-rounded musical diet again. We try to take the best
elements of just about every style that’s ever existed.”

Rich and Famous (If They Wanted) does just that, with an array of
originals covering Rock, Folk, Electronic R&B, Country, Gospel, and what
was once called “Middle of the Road” but now has that suspect epithet,
“Easy Listening”. There’s even a bit of music concréte at the end (Think
Beatles’ Revolution #9, but with a bit more of a point.) The lyrics are
smart, clever, but generally steer clear of coy. “Paul Simon is my hero,
lyrically,” observes Dug. The influence shows.

The collection is rounded out with updated covers of songs from the
Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, Patsy Cline, and Little Richard. Those covers
are a great starting place for appreciating how DugNAliss respect the
styles, are thoroughly steeped in the traditions, and yet, in every case,
have something fresh and worthwhile to add.

“The 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, now, tomorrow… There are always great
stylistic ideas out there,” asserts
Aliss. “We don’t treat the old stuff like
museum pieces. No moldy oldies. The point is to keep it all fresh and
alive, and add your own perspective. A good song is a good song.
DugNAliss is all about good songs.” Tongue-in-cheek album cover aside,
one listen to Rich and Famous confirms that, indeed, they are.

(From www.cdbaby.com. Used by permission)