The Legend of DugNAliss
(according to the liner notes in their first CD)

Once upon a time, long ago, back around 1971 (or was it 1197?) musical styles
lived side-by-side in the land of Charted Territory, the great Superpower on the
Face of the Radio Dial. One week a Rock-N-Roll song would be ascendant, the
next, it was funk, next it was folk, or pop, or country, or even (at least a few years
earlier) something by one of the Great Primordial  Crooners.

Dug and Young Aliss listened regularly and heard that it was Good. It was
(nearly) all Good.

And then they grew up, and went off, and did many other irrelevant things.
In the meantime, narrow parochialism and ever-dividing demon-o-graphic
market segmentation laid its insidious clutches on the culture of Charted
Territory until the Ecumenical Harmony of Styles was but a distant, half-forgotten
dream, shattered—perhaps—forever.

But one day,
Dug said to Aliss, “Hey, we have a lot of Musical Stuff in our
basement. We could form a Band, if we wanted”.

“What kind of band?” she asked skeptically.

“A good one, I think. They’re usually better than the others.”

“Ah, but what style of band?”

“I don’t know—we’ll play something old, new, borrowed, some blues…”

“Are you proposing a band or a wedding?”

“Both, I guess. You can wear pastels and I will promise not to wear thin.”

“It’s a deal”, declared
Aliss, and they shook hands and kissed, proud parties in a
record deal (and much more) of which only they and the Ancient Jukebox Gods
were aware.

“It will be just like the Halcyon days of Charted Territory”, declared
Aliss. “And you
know what else? We could be
Rich and Famous... If We Wanted.”

And that’s why
DugNAliss was born.

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